I was recently fortunate enough to be involved in the beta testing of Triggy, a new iPhone app designed to replace physical intervalometers for time-lapse photography. And boy, it is amazing.

I had been waiting to see the development of an app to support this functionality for a while now, as I’m sure many of you have. For that matter, I had actually expected to see it released within Canon’s own Camera Connect iPhone application at some point, although that is yet to occur.

Meet Triggy

Triggy allows photographers to capture beautiful time-lapses without the need for a physical intervalometer. By connecting the app to your Wi-Fi-enabled Canon camera, you can adjust the shutter release interval and monitor the progress of your time-lapse, right from your phone. The application connects directly to your camera’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to capture time-lapses in any location around the world, in the same manner that you would with a physical intervalometer.

Designed with the user in mind, Triggy offers up a really simple interface that just does what it is intended to do; take multiple shots at regular intervals. With such a basic design, the app uses very little battery which allows for prolonged use, supporting time-lapses lasting a day, or longer should you use a portable power pack to keep the phone charged.

The application is designed to continue running, and doing it’s job, as long as it is connected to the cameras hotspot. This means that receiving, or making, a phone call will not interrupt your time-lapse, nor will sending a text message or checking your social media accounts.

Specification & Requirements

Triggy is currently only available for iPhones operating on IOS 10.0 or later and, although designed for mobile, can be operated on an iPad as well. Unfortunately, Android users miss out on this occasion, although the creators, Yellow Agents, had communicated to those of us testing the app that a port to Android may come in the future should there be enough demand for it.

The current supported Canon camera models include:
– EOS Rebel T6i / 750D
– EOS Rebel T6s / 760D
– EOS 70D
– EOS 7D
– EOS 6D
– EOS 5D Mk III (with an external Wi-Fi adapter)
– EOS 5D Mk IV

Get Started With Triggy

Triggy was just released on the iTunes App Store earlier this week and available to anyone with an iPhone running IOS 10.0 or later.
Give Triggy a try today and be sure to support the developers.

See Triggy In The App Store

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