I absolutely love camping out under the night sky for the sole reason of photographing the Milky Way, and I know so many others do as well. It’s one of the most popular subjects to shoot and always results in breathtaking images.

It’s not easy to get the perfect Milky Way shot, there are many variables that come into play including weather conditions, natural light, where you’re located in the world and, of course, the gear being used. If you’re new to Milky Way photography, or photography in general, the following stunning photographs will help inspire you to get out there and capture some of your own.

Oh, and don’t forget, If you want to learn how to shoot the Milky Way and produce beautiful photographs like these, take a look at my free step by step guide to photographing the Milky Way, which will show you how.

1. Milky Way – Zion Canyon, Utah

Photographer: Van Knox – Flickr Profile

2. Balanced Rock – Milky Way

Photographer: Mital Patel – Flickr Profile

3. Milky Way From Canmore

Photographer: Aaron Faulkner – Flickr Profile

4. Milky Way Over Sestriere Alps

Photographer: Leonardo Orazi – Flickr Profile

5. Milky Way Cove #2

Photographer: Adam Woodworth – Flickr Profile

6. Milky Way Over Nadelgrat

Photographer: Bernhard Thum – Flickr Profile

7. Lake Dyer Milky Way

Photographer: Karl Muller – Flickr Profile

8. Paint Mines Milky Way

Photographer: Joel Tonyan – Flickr Profile

9. Milky Way At Cala Blanca

Photographer: Modes Rodríguez – Flickr Profile

10. Milky Way Over Little Stable Lighthouse

Photographer: David Cooper – Flickr Profile

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