How To Get Your Free Lightroom Presets

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Free Presets Included

  • General Lightroom Preset – Color Cleanup
  • General Lightroom Preset – Faux Film
  • Landscape Lightroom Preset – Black & White
  • Landscape Lightroom Preset – Clean Color
  • Landscape Lightroom Preset – Color Pop
  • Landscape Lightroom Preset – Dramatic
  • Landscape Lightroom Preset – Sky Filter
  • Landscape Lightroom Preset – Deep Color
  • Milky Way Lightroom Preset – Cleanup
  • Milky Way Lightroom Preset – Dark Sky Cleanup
  • Portrait Lightroom Preset – Clean
  • Portrait Lightroom Preset – Color Pop
  • Portrait Lightroom Preset – Faux Film
  • Portrait Lightroom Preset – Sharp Clean

As a photographer, you have a lot to do! Location scouting, equipment maintenance and, the obvious, taking amazing photographs. That’s a lot to focus on, but you also need to have a strong proficiency in post production allowing you to touch up those shots and really give them the wow factor.

Some photographers, due to time restraints, opt to outsource the post production stage while the rest of us choose to do it ourselves. Most photographers thoroughly enjoy spending time in Lightroom, and Photoshop, working on those final elements to achieve the perfect image, but with one caveat, it can be quite time consuming.

To combat this, over the years, we’ve created a range of our own free Lightroom presets which have allowed us to save time and quickly apply any desired effect to photographs. There are also thousands of presets available for free use, or purchase, of which we also use, that you can use to save time and achieve that perfect finish for your photographs.

Improve your post processing and save time with our brand new pack of free Lightroom presets. Featuring a range of Landscape focused presets, portrait enhancers, nightscape touchups, and a few general use filters to get you started.

Free Lightroom Presets

The Best Free Lightroom Presets You Need To Download

A quick search of the web will present you with hundreds of pages offering presets for Lightroom which, to be honest, can be really daunting, particularly if you’re not really sure what you’re after. You, like all photographers at one point, could spend hours, days or even weeks browsing through all of the options. But, the following list, should hopefully be enough to get you started, with a collection of our favorite free Lightroom presets.

Using Lightroom Presets to Your Advantage

Making use of Lightroom presets are a great way to speed up your post-processing time and apply an effect to your photographs that you may not otherwise know how to create. Over the years we’ve created huge collections of presets that we can use to quickly and effectively to make the slight adjustments needed to turn a photograph from great to amazing. We wanted to share a few of these free lightroom presets so that you can do the same.

As with all presets, add-ons or actions, it’s important to note that these free lightroom presets aren’t obviously a one size fits all and may produce varied results on different images.