What is in your camera bag?
A camera body, a couple of your favorite lenses and maybe some small accessories?

As photographers, we all organize and manage our gear in various ways, which extends to the choice of gear that is taken with us when heading out, or in, for a shoot. Depending on the size of your bag(s) there may be many small compromises you make in order to fit everything you need, including the choice of specific lenses, whether or not to take your second body, leaving your off-camera flash behind or choosing to go without your battery grip.

Although each of the above scenarios are likely to be quite obvious, there’s the issue of smaller, and often less used, pieces of equipment or accessories that you may not even consider, but probably should.

5 Things That Should Be In Every Photographers Bag

So, back to the question – What is actually in your camera bag?
Here are the top 5 things that should be in there.

1. A Rain Cover/Sleeve

DSLR Rain SleeveRain does not go well with expensive equipment and, even if your camera body is water resistant, your lens or attached accessories may not be. These things are probably the most inexpensive protective items for your camera but also one of the least owned photography accessories, based on my experience from interacting with other photographers.

Best of all, keeping a few of these in your bag does not force a compromise or take up any precious space. I keep mine lined along the bottom of my bag, but you can also comfortably sit them in a side pocket.

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2. Cleaning Kit

Lens PenBeing able to clean your camera and lenses while on-the-go is important for all photographers, especially if you have just arrived on-site and find smudges on your glass or dust on your sensor. A good cleaning kit can be relatively inexpensive and can prove to be a great asset which is why keeping one in your bag can be well worth it.

Some cleaning kits can take up much of the precious space in your bag due to the need for liquid bottles and a range of other items required to get the job done. To save bag space, it is worthwhile getting a liquid free cleaning kit such as the Lenspen NDSLRK-1C which, is not only small and compact but also more convenient to use than a traditional liquid based cleaner.

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3. A Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning ClothSimilar to the need for a cleaning kit, it is always convenient to keep a few cleaning cloths in your bag for the easy removal of smudges and fingerprints from your glass. Additionally, they are useful for giving your camera a quick wipe down after a day shooting in a windy area where dirt or sea salt may have made it’sway onto your gear.

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4. Spare Memory Card

Memory CardIt is obvious, I know, but, aside from your actual camera, it is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment to have in your bag, especially if you are heading out on a paid job.

Personally, I carry three memory cards in addition to the one already in my camera. Having these additional cards cover me in the event of filling one or finding that one is faulty or broken.

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5. Waterproof Bag Cover

Waterproof Camera Bag CoverSimilar to having a rain sleeve for your camera, keeping a waterproof bag cover should be a top priority for any photographer, since you should want to keep all of the contents of your bag safe in the event of rain.

Some camera bags, such as the many Lowepro variations, come with a built-in bag cover than can be pulled over the bag as required. However, if you do not have one of these, you can pick up a waterproof cover for a reasonable price from most photography stores.

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Do you have any of these hidden away in your camera bag? Or do you have any additional suggestions?

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